The Death

The Dying

The dying person should be placed facing the Kaaba in Mecca, in two ways: either laying on their right side with their face towards the Kaaba, or laying on their back with their feet facing the Kaaba and the head slightly elevated, so that the face is directed towards the Kaaba. The first method is preferred.
To remind him of the creed through the formula: "There is only one God, Muhammad is his Prophet." This must be done in a decent and discreet manner. Likewise, one should not repeat it too often, so as not to disturb the dying person, so that his last words may be "There is only one God.
Close their eyes.
Tie the lower jaw to the head to prevent relaxation.
Place a suitable object on the stomach to prevent bloating.
If possible, gently bend the joints immediately after death. If not immediate, do not bend the joints. Instead, position the arms against the forearms, the legs against the thighs, and the thighs against the abdomen. This prevents the body from stiffening, facilitating the washing and burial.
Lift the deceased slightly to face the face towards Mecca.
They are undressed and covered with a cloth that covers the entire body.
Hurry to pay off the debts of the deceased.

It is forbidden to raise one's voice, lament, slap one's cheeks, tear clothes, etc. Tears for the deceased are not forbidden, as long as they are not accompanied by the above actions. The grieving person should endure the suffering patiently and wait for the comfort and reward of God.

Out of respect for the deceased, it is recommended to hasten the preparation of the deceased and their burial.